I am 16th going on 17th :)

Ahsan is now progressing to his 17th month. He has acquired many skills in the last two weeks :

Motoric Skills:
* Walking backwards : Advance
* Rotating discs (or any object he finds as “rotatable”) : Advance
* Climbing up the bed : intermediate
* Climb down the bed : advance
* Squating : Advance

Sensoric Skills:
* New verbal word : pisang, mundur, ikut, gendong, naik, putar, buka, tutup, mangga, paya, ayam, susu, lari
* New songs humming : Abang Tukang Bakso, Aku Anak Sehat, Bangun Pagi
* New verbal songs : Bintang Kecil, Cicak Di Dinding

* Identifying person , associating with names : Papa, Mama, Iyang (Eyang Uti), Tati (All Tantes), Baci (Both Sheillas), Atung (Akung), Pak (PS), Uyat (Bang Suradi)
* Identifying animals, associating with names : Heli (Dogs, Goats), Abalab (Spiders), Nyamuk (all flying insects), Sapi (Cows)


January 4, 2007. Milestones.

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