.: 20 mos toddler :.

Although it seemed like Ahsan was only born yesterday, we have to face the fact that he is now more than 20 months old :)!
A challenging age, both for him and his parents, as Ahsan started exploring other people’s emotion and start realizing that his different actions would lead to different reaction from different people…

He’s now able to use two-three words, recognizing more people by name and typically appearance. He knows when to refer someone with “akung” (elder man), “oom” (younger man), “pak” (middle age man), “tante” (younger woman), “ibu” (middle age woman), “iyang” (elder woman), kakak, and adik. Wow, it is an amazement even for me, his mom who watch his growth constantly from birth till now. More vocabulary: “Akung, tiup lilin”, more nouns especially in animals name. More verbs, combining words into meaning, relating words: “Eyang Uti” followed by immediate “uti uti” (roti -red).
More energy in activity as he seems to be wanting to play forever.. He’s building his jumping skill,too.

If people now ask me, whose styles he is inheriting, well, I’m gonna have hard time answering, as our little boy has copying everyone’s act deliberately :). You can even spot him answering his Papi’s phone with “Boss” as an opening remarks, as this is exactly what his Papi mostly says in receiving calls.

More Examples:

Sleeping style : from Papi
Snoring : surely from Papi he he
Smirking: from adorable Mami ;)
Daring with Scary animals (i.e. spider, cockroach): must be from Papi, no doubt about it
Walking style (occasional, swinging one leg up high before stepping) : hi hi, Mami’s marching habit

List may go on forever, as it is so many! But it is important now for us to watch whatever we say and do, otherwise he will immediately use it against us ;) !


April 29, 2007. Abenteuer, Milestones.

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